Profile of the psychotherapist - Júlia Halamová, psychotherapy and counseling in Bratislava

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Profile of the psychotherapist

Education and Experience

Master in Psychology in 1998 and PhD. in Psychology in 2001,
both at Comenius University Bratislava, in Slovakia. Habilitation, Doc., in 2014.

Work with youth, adults and couples in different Counselling facilities since 2001.

Private practice since 2007,
the license registered in the Slovak Chamber of Psychologists as a psychologist.  (

Meeting criteria for The European Certificate for Psychotherapy

Certificate of Psychotherapy in Slovak Republic, the directory of psychotherapists in Slovak Republic.

I work as a therapist for psychotherapy trainees too.

Continuously lecturing at the Comenius  University
my page at the Comenius University

Mediator registered with the Ministry of Justice
coach and trainer of communication and management skills.

My psychotherapy work is regularly supervised  and I am happy to keep on learning and training in this area:
Psychotherapeutic training with the Systemic Institute ( in 2007.
Training in community building (, building teams,
and therapy of Virginia Satir (

Currently involved in training in Emotion Focused Therapy ( and Emotionally Focused Therapy (for couples) ( in Ireland (, Italy and Canada.   

EFT Certificate CinaEFT Certificate Cina
Julia Halamova
EF Therapy, Leslie Greenberg,
Kursbevis, Júlia Halamová,
Júlia Halamová
Júlia Halamová
Júlia Halamová
Community Building Workshop Training
Certificate of Achievement
Halamova Julia
EF Therapy Dublin
EF Therapy Milan
EF Therapy Dublin
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